Friday, September 30, 2016


To celebrate Mom's upcoming 70th birthday (!), Dad generously invited the clan up to the mountains for a long weekend, and we had a great time!  How could we not, with these kinds of views...

.... and these kinds of folks?

PLUS, there was an awesome apple tree right on the property!

All weekend there were usually 3-4 kids in the tree with several more "catchers" on the ground.  (And about once an hour Graham or James would have to go out and rescue one or more tree-climbers.)  The kids harvested literally hundreds of apples!  The first night we had Tree-to-Table Inside-Out Candied Apples (an original dish!).   We were thankful for the apples at just about every meal and snack!

Other highlights at the house included a big game of Capture the Flag, several football games, some prayer time, sharing time, and big crazy meals.   Oh - -and there was this horse that was just walking along the road... It almost felt like Lazy 5 Ranch!

 It was a great weekend with all 28 Wrays!

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