Monday, September 5, 2016

My $40 giant "wall art"

 The long wall in our living room kept staring me in the face every time I walked in the front door.  I knew we needed something large there... but artwork that is 5 or 6 feet long tends to be rather pricey!

Then I saw how someone on Pinterest made canvas art out of a shower curtain -- brilliant!  I scanned through a bunch of shower curtains, but none really grabbed me, so I decided to design my own.  (Thank you, Zazzle -- and thank you, especially, for the 40% off coupon!)

I found a photograph on one of those free-to-the-public sites, and then used a photo editor to change the coloring and contrast, and to crop it a little.  I didn't want it as bright as real-life, but didn't want black-and-white either... went with a greenish hue overall.

When it arrived, it was just a matter of enlisting Pete to build me a quick frame, and help me staple it on.  Super easy!

The bench was a deal I found at an antique store... It took me so long to finally get over there, it was on sale for even less!  It was pretty old and distressed, so I sanded it, painted it, sanded it again, then painted it again, then sanded it again, painted it again, and stained it..... so it looks pretty much the same as the way I bought it!

Now I have some leftover fabric from the shower curtain, so I'm hoping some magic fairy will show up some day and volunteer to make me a pillow or two for the bench....

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