Monday, September 12, 2016

Loved to, and by, the COR

This weekend members from our church (the name of which is abbreviated COR) hosted a big coffee house/silent auction event as a fundraiser for two families currently in the adoption process -- the Hines family and us.

 It was remarkable seeing everyone pull together to pull this thing off!  So many people donated amazing items for the silent auction, the band played for free, people made all kinds of baked goods, and our friends Kathy and Michelle were wonderful organizers.  Not only did it raise a lot of money, but it was just a fun time to hang out with one another!  My siblings, nieces, and nephews came, too, which made it extra-fun.

Some of the things auctioned off included: beer-brewing and cake-decorating classes; SAT prep sessions; handyman, babysitting, and housecleaning services; baskets full of homemade cashmere items, spa items, books, etc; a pet portrait; a guided expedition in the mountains; and the funniest one -- a free vasectomy!  (One of my sisters tried to get that one for her husband as a surprise, but was outbid.  :) )

We are so grateful for the community that Jinna Rose will be coming home to -- what a blessing they are!!!

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