Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More and more like home

We've had a few significant "firsts" in our new house, and each one makes it feel more like home.  This past weekend we had the local Wray family over for the evening, and I think that was what I had been waiting for to make it all official.

Of course the "local Wray family" is not small a group -- 27 folks were here that night.


It was funny to see how the kids decided to eat in groups -- the big girls, the little girls, and the boys.  (The 2 oldest teenagers were absent -- working and at a homecoming dance!)

Then it was dessert time...

 To round off the night we had a big game of Capture the Flag -- with adults playing, too.  Thankfully (and amazingly) no one ran into a tree or twisted an ankle, despite the many hazards we had out in the yard -- and the darkness!

We were grateful everyone made the trip to come spend the night with us!  We had originally offered to make it a backyard campout and the kids were going to sleep in tents outside while the adults slept inside.... but various reasons got in the way, so we'll try again another time.

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  1. Oh Amy it is perfect! the house suite you sooooo well! I am so happy for you!