Saturday, July 29, 2017

Miles' predictions for his future

Lately Miles has been throwing out some very definitive statements about what he will do when he grows up, so I thought I'd record them here so he can see which ones come true someday.

First, he has insisted for months now that he will live in D.C. when he is an adult.  This is a change from about a year ago when he was very sure that he would just live with Colsen forever.  (I think when Colsen started talking about moving to Japan, Miles began to realize that he might have an opinion about the location after all.)

His reasoning for wanting to live in D.C.: That's where the powerful people are.  😒

He's also very specific about what car he wants to drive:  a black BMW.  Tonight when I was verifying this with him he said, "Well, I WANT to drive a black BMW.  But I will probably actually drive a black Toyota Camry."   That's my boy.

I asked him what kind of job he would have and he answered, "A pilot, of course!  Well, I don't know for sure if I'll be able to, but.... Never give up on your dream!" -- with a goofy grin and a point.

He also added that he was "not going to marry anyone."

"Who will you live with then?" I asked.

"Colsen will come visit me," he said.  "And you can come visit me, too, while you're alive!"

Also, he wants to change his name to Thor.

So I guess he's got it all figured out.

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