Monday, July 31, 2017

Trip to the Rectangular States

Our big adventure this year was a trek out to Colorado and Wyoming.  The boys drove; the girls flew.  Definitely the way to go.

Setting out on their 4,000 mile round-trip --
the better part of 8 days were spent in this van!

Setting out on our 3 hour flight!

The big highlight of the travels: the St. Louis Arch --
 and some really good barbecue restaurants

We were all reunited in Denver, and then spent a couple nights at the Devlins' home in Berthoud before driving up to Wyoming.  For that almost 8-hour trip (each way), all 7 of us were in the car, and it strongly affirmed that it was a good idea all 7 of us did not make the whole drive from NC.  There were an awful lot of strong opinions in a very small space.

For part of the time Strider drove which added an extra element of terror.

But at least the views were pretty!

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