Thursday, December 1, 2011

Talking with our Last-born

Milo is still in the early stages of grasping the concept of elapsed time. So, when he wants to refer to something in the past, he almost always says it happened "last night."

Combining this malachronaprop* with his ornery stubbornness means that very often when we ask Miles if he has to go to the bathroom, he says, "Noooooo.... I just went last night!" (even though he actually does need to go)

The other day, Pete was teasing him by saying, "Did you go last night or last morning**?" Miles wasn't put off by this at all... Nor was he going to agree with either option. Instead, he answered, "No! Last chance!

Such a goofball.

* I just made this word up right now
** One of our other kids used to refer to "last morning" a lot.


  1. Funny, Amy! My daughter struggles with the time thing, too. Just this morning she was trying to tell me about something that happened yesterday and she referred to yesterday as "the last tomorrow"! Thankfully I knew what she was talking about - or else it could have gotten ugly!

    Missed you at the reunion! Maybe next time...

  2. Molly used to always say that things happened "yesternight." :-)