Friday, December 9, 2011


Exactly 2 years ago, I did a kind of day-in-a-life record of some of my thoughts and activities for December 9th (just randomly).  So I thought I would do it again this year (just for fun). So here are some select moments from today's adventures:

7:03 am-- First cold little boy comes into our bedroom to crawl into bed with us.
7:08 am-- Second cold little boy comes into our bedroom to  crawl into bed with us.  Thankfully Pete gets up with this one, so we don't have pull the 4-people-in-a-Queen-size-bed routine we often do.
8:34 am-- Regretting the fact that I invited the kids to join me in exercising along to a Denise Austin video, since I can no longer hear the video nor find enough space to do the exercises.
8:54 am -- Jump out in the middle of my shower to rescue Miles who has fallen head-first into the large bathtub and can't stand back up.  (Thankfully the tub is empty)
8:57 am -- (while still in shower)  Answer Miles that no, he should not jump off the top of our 15-step staircase because yes, he will get hurt.
9:35 am-- Suddenly panic because I was supposed to have cookies made for an appointment with someone today.  Frantically begin pulling out ingredients.
9:52 am -- Wonder why I keep making this Toffee Bar recipe every year when it always is such a pain to get it spread out in the pan. 
9:55 am -- Really need to write "Do Not Make This" in my recipe book.  This spreading process is taking way too long.
10:20 am -- Find out the appointment I needed the cookies for has been cancelled.
11:15 am -- Working on reading comprehension with Rayna while giving Strider a spelling test and telling the little boys repeatedly that they may not interrupt -- and making a list of the many, many things that need to be done in the next week.
11:56 am -- Comfort Colsen, who has just face-planted in the road.  His nose is all scraped up and swollen... poor little guy.
12:14 pm -- Tell my 9-year old she should not bang glass dishes together like they're cymbals as she's emptying the dishwasher.  My NINE year old.  GLASS dishes!  Really!
1:10 pm -- Read books to 2 kids while a third keeps yelling in my ear.
2:20 pm -- Wake up from my 20-minute, much-needed nap.  Major highlight of the day.
2:50 pm -- Daughter comes over to me to hug my neck and tell me she loves me.  Another major highlight of the day.
3:25 pm -- Go over curriculum plans with Strider and start packing boxes of books to ship to Moldova.  Lots and lots of books.
3:26 pm -- Rayna and Miles come in the room... and Miles has yards and yards of dental floss all around him.
4:30 pm -- Make 2nd batch of cookies for the day.  (The kids have a cookie exchange party tomorrow!)
4:34 pm -- See this out the window:
(Colsen is in the box, on a skateboard, and Strider is pushing him.  Nothing could go wrong with that.)

5:05 pm-- Must race upstairs to transform from machine to woman for big date tonight.
5:40 pm-- Uncle Deuce is here to babysit (to everyone's great joy -- because "he always lets us stay up waaaay past our bedtime!") and the rest of his family came to play, too, so spirits are high around here!  Just as bedlam escalates, Pete and I slip out to head to a faculty Christmas party at Wingate.

8:01 pm -- Find ourselves in a heated debate with friends about economic disincentives in our society-- climaxing at a point when we are told by our friend that we are thinking like "typical protestants."
9:16 pm -- Enjoying some romantic date time at Lowe's Home Improvement (doing research for replacing our carpets)
9:35 pm -- Arrive home and can see Colsen standing at his window waiting for us.  Such a cutie pie.  But he needs to be asleep!
10:04 pm -- Most of the kids are now quiet.  And I am bugging a nephew online.
10:23 pm -- Wrapping up this way-too-long blog entry.  Pete says he can't wait to read it because he loves "time-stamped blog posts."  So at least there are 2 of us that enjoy reading this!