Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another Milestone for Miles

With a name like Miles, it only seemed fitting that this boy should have a car-themed birthday party.  His last birthday was in Moldova and the ones before that were pretty low-key since he was so young, so this 4TH birthday was the time to celebrate with an actual party!  He invited a friends/cousins over and before they came we had fun getting everything ready...

Once the other kids arrived, it was cars, cars and more cars everywhere!

We played a few racing games, and then it was time for FOOD:

The cars were NOT edible!

Looks like he liked it!
 All week before his birthday, Miles had been "ordering" what kind of cake he wanted.  Strangely, this is what he kept repeating:  "I want a cake with raisins and craisins in it, and I want chocolate sauce and Magic Shell on top and no candles."

I kept trying to sway him on these details -- telling him I had never put craisins (or raisins) in a cake before, etc.  But he insisted that's what he wanted.  Finally I gave up trying to change his mind, and just told him I was going to make him a surprise cake and I bet he would like it.

So today he was surprised -- and at least I did put homemade Magic Shell on it (for the track) and we didn't use candles per his request -- and he did like it.  Then tonight when I asked him if he was happy I made it the way I did, he said yes.  But then in the very next breath he said,

"When I turn 4 and a half on August 9th, can you make me a cake with raisins and craisins in it and chocolate sauce and Magic Shell on top and no candles?"

Man, I hope he forgets that request in the next 6 months....

On another note, don't my sisters (one in-law) look pretty together?  And Lincoln is looking good, too...
Not as much car-playing by these guests today

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