Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tea Party

Our friend Alicia has designed a way to teach manners and spiritual truths to young girls by inviting them over for a tea party each month.  I love her ideas and methods and as we were talking about it all a few months ago, she graciously invited Rayna to come be a "helper" since the other girls are younger.  Rayna, of course, is super-thrilled about it!

Yesterday was the first time she was able to go, and she was counting down the hours before she could put on her dress.

The girls made little flower napkin-holders, read a story about a princess, read a Scripture verse, talked about manners, drank some vanilla tea, had some fancy snacks, and then went off to play.  It was a lovely afternoon!

Rayna is looking forward to next month's tea party already!

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