Monday, February 25, 2013

Father-daughter, Mother-son Dance

One of the things we miss as a homeschooling family is the annual father-daughter dance that a lot of schools around here have.... until now!  Our neighborhood association hosted a dance in our community center this weekend, so we gladly took the opportunity to attend.  (Well, "gladly" might be a stretch for Pete.  But he was a good sport and even dressed up for it when I asked him to.)

Strider decided he was a little old for something like this, so he stayed home, but my other two sons were quite eager to be my escorts.  Rayna, of course, was very excited about being Daddy's date.

 The dance ended up being really fun.  Not too many families were there, but the kids who were there were all dancing enthusiastically.  Colsen and Rayna jumped right in and very energetically whirled around the floor.  When the songs came on for which everyone is supposed to do the same moves (I'm so out of it I don't even know the names of these dances!), they eagerly followed what the other kids were doing and pretty much got the hang of it!  (I had to laugh, though, when I saw Rayna crouched down on the floor for awhile, and then I realized she was copying another girl -- who was fixing her shoe.)

So it was a fun night and I'm glad we had the chance to see our kids at their first non-wedding dance.
Miles liked the balloons best

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