Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We have noticed that Miles has a strong penchant for justice and a keen sense of logic... so he reminds us of a little lawyer.  He is always coming to remind us if someone is supposed to have a "consequence" for earlier actions, saying things like, "But remember, Rayna isn't supposed to have any treats because she did _____ this morning."  He's definitely more on the "prosecution" side usually.

The other morning he woke me up by running into my room with this speech:

"Mom, I have bad news for you.  Remember when I did _____ and you told me that Daddy was going to spank me when he came home on my bottom?  And you know what?  He didn't!"

(In other words, "I'm much smarter than both you dim-wits who forgot.")

So I responded, "Ok, well, he can go ahead and do it today, then."

"NO!" he objected.  "It was last month!"

 (In other words, "The statute of limitations has long since expired.")

I had been lawyered.

This morning he was giving us another big speech and I said to him,

"Miles, I know you're quite the little lawyer, but guess what.  I'm like a lawyer, too, so we're going to have some interesting arguments in the future, I bet."

He just gave me a blank look, not knowing what "lawyer" means.

Then he quickly thought of something:  "Then you're like a child."

"What?" I asked.

His logical explanation was: "If I'm a lawyer and you're a lawyer and we're both the same, then you're like a child."

Once again, Lawyered.

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