Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Fool's Day

Strider apparently observes the Old Testament version of April Fool's Day, believing that the day starts at sundown the night before, because when Pete and I went up to bed on Sunday night, this is what we found.

It continued into our bathroom, too.

Why is it only at times like this when we really see Strider's work ethic shine?

He played a few other pranks on us, but then I finally did one of my own.  I told the kids to play outside while I made a special dessert for lunch.  After they had come in and eaten, I announced I had brownies for them.  They were soooo excited.

Excitement diminished when they opened the pan and found.... brown-"e's" instead.

"Wait a second -- I can't eat this."
Still a good sport.
 After some minor major exclamations of dismay, smiles returned when we informed the kids that we were actually taking them out for ice cream instead. (We had given up ice cream for Lent.)

Then they thought my joke was pretty funny.  And April Fool's Day turned out to be pretty awesome!

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