Sunday, April 14, 2013

Backwards Day

Several years ago we celebrated "Backwards Day" here and the kids ask periodically if we can do it again.  So finally we got around to doing it this past week.  Now I'm recording it here* so I can show them someday that we actually DID it!

Backwards Day started out with dinner -- pita-bread pizzas!  There was a little bit of resistance to having vegetables in the morning, but eventually everyone got into the spirit of it all.  Then in the evening, the menu included French toast and sausage.  That meal was the greater hit.

I even did my pony-tail backwards!

We also dressed backwards, walked backwards (sometimes), did our school order backwards (started with "homework", etc), and tried to say a few sentences backwards.  Driving to swim lessons I was requested to "drive backwards," but I did not comply.

And that was Backwards Day!

*Speaking of recording things, I recently finished my latest "blog book" so now we have a whole stack of them on-hand.  I love watching the kids peruse through them and remind themselves of what we've done in our short history as a family so far!

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