Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It's been the kind of day when I wonder why I've spent 6 long years teaching one of my children the same math concepts over and over, as it seems like they will never, ever actually take root in this child's brain, and we both end up in tears.

  It's been the kind of day when one of my children wants to challenge every single statement that comes out of my mouth, clearly with the goal of escalating each issue to a full-blown battle.

It's been the kind of day when I catch my youngest using a vegetable peeler to scrape the paint off the edges of the walls of our school-room.  Who does that??

  It's been the kind of day when my boys light a fire in the backyard twice.  Then they finally hear me yelling at them to get the hose, and they do, but then they end up drenching themselves as well.  And then they end up all muddy.  And then they traipse their muddy selves all through the house to get up to the shower.  And then they go in the wrong shower, the one that Pete broke this morning.  And then they realize it's not draining properly, so they traipse their wet selves over to the other bathroom.

 And then I burn the bacon that we were going to have for dinner.

That kind of day.

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