Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lemonade stand and Kite Festival: the make-up of a good Saturday

Our weekend already seems like a distant memory, so I better record some of it quickly before it completely escapes my mind.

Saturday morning was our neighborhood yard sale day and by now our kids have realized this is a time they can easily sell some baked goods and drinks in a short amount of time.  This time was no exception.  Colsen took charge of this sale and decided he wanted to make cinnamon rolls and strawberry lemonade.  Both were indeed very tasty and he sold out quickly.

Of course this afforded our family lots of talks about cost structure, profit goals, marketing, supply and demand, employee incentivizing, compensation, and promotions.  (Cole decided to give his first cup of lemonade away to the first customer -- "like Chick Fil-A does.")

Then after some quick yard work and cooking, we went out to meet some friends at the neighborhood Kite Festival.  It was a nice breezy day for it!

 Miles cracked us up wanting to ride this "train" all by himself.  The man knows what he likes.

 Afterwards we came home and Pete and I started to get ready for an elegant evening out.... when Cole announced he had a headache and was feeling cold... sure enough a fever bug was taking over his little body.... and that became the big story for the rest of the weekend.  Not as much fun as the first part!

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  1. fun to read this (except the part about cole being sick). our neighborhood yard sale is in a couple weeks, and our boys have been planning their refreshment stand. it's been fun to teach them about investors (us!), profit margins, risk, etc.! i'll have to show them this entry!