Thursday, May 30, 2013

A lovely new chapter

I love this new stage in the parenting journey.  Today I had to leave the house for an hour and I was able to leave the kids by themselves -- no babysitter!  I told them to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes and then give each other violin lessons while I was gone - -and they did! 

Then, after I got home, we all went to the pool on our bikes – everyone on his or her own bike!  No more bike trailer, no more training wheels… it’s getting so easy.  Now if I can just get the last little guy to swim, we’ll be all set….

Miles spent the whole time at the pool sitting on the steps, too scared to go any deeper.  Then later back at home he had this conversation with Strider:

M:  Why are you wearing that Speedo to swim practice?
S:  It makes me swim faster.
M:  Well, can you tell Daddy when he comes home that he should get me a Speedo so I can go faster?
S:  Miles, you don’t even swim!
M:  Well…. I can go faster on the steps!

Anyway, now that we don't need the bike trailer (which I bought at a yard sale for $10 years ago) anymore, it has quickly been turned into a variety of things.  Among them:  a "Camaro bomber"(whatever that is), a mail delivery truck, a horse, a helicopter, and a train.

It's a new chapter for everyone!

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  1. I went to get the oil change and the car inspected this morning, and left a list of things to be done while I was gone. (I've left them to go to the store a few times too). Isn't it liberating??!!