Monday, May 27, 2013

USNA graduation

The day started early and cold.  As time went on, it got later, but now warmer.  It did get rainier and windier.  So... not ideal conditions to sit in an open stadium for over 4 hours.  Nevertheless, the ceremony was thrilling and inspiring -- and did I mention, cold?

President Obama was the commencement speaker, after the Superintendent of the academy, the Secretary of the Navy, and the Governor of Maryland -- quite a line-up!  Of course, by the time it was Obama's turn, Colsen desperately needed to go to the bathroom, which we should have expected.  (It was around this time that Pete and I were again congratulating ourselves on our wise decision to leave 2 children in Charlotte.)

Anyway, the speakers were all good (the parts we heard), and we loved hearing the new Navy and Marine officers take their oaths. What admirable young people!

Some pictures:

It was cold!  We looked a little silly in our hats.

Cole and his godfather
 Finally, the long procession started.  Here comes Andrew!
President Obama taking the stage

Andrew getting diploma

Now came the part the kids had been waiting hours for -- getting to run onto the field to collect a "cover" that had been thrown!  Colsen and Strider both found hats that had money in them, and notes.  Very cool tradition.

The Econ guys

After the ceremony, Andrew's sponsors put on an amazing party at their newly renovated home near the harbor so we were able to meet some of his classmates and friends.

It was a great day of celebration -- even if it felt like November instead of the end of May!

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