Saturday, May 11, 2013

The GateWay Year

This afternoon Strider and Pete met with the GateWay group for their last regular session.  (All that remains now is a camping trip and the Final Ceremony.)  All year these 12 guys (6 sons and 6 dads) have been showing great perseverance in getting together to learn and grow in various areas of manhood, both spiritually and practically.

Each time they met they focused on one of the 10 character traits that we had picked for them to learn (leadership, service, wisdom, etc), and also learned something about a new skill.  Eight different men from our community came and gave talks on various topics -- woodworking, aviation, outdoor survival, etc.  Together the guys went fishing, shooting, hiking and learned-self defense first-aid, cooking, home repairs, and other skills that we hope will benefit them on their journey to manhood!

On their own, the boys have all been working toward various goals, both in character traits and practical skills.  Each time they accomplished the work set out for that goal, they received a rock with the trait/skill written on it.  Now we will be building those rocks into structures to give to each of the boys at the final ceremony.

We're so proud of Strider and his friends, and it's been so cool to hear about what they're learning and how they're being stretched as they grow at this crucial point in their lives.  The ceremony will mark a great milestone for them!

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