Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

This year I was able to celebrate with my kids/husband, my mother, and my grandmother -- 4 generations of love.  :)

The day started out full of blessings from Pete and the kids...  After a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and strawberries, I was presented with all manner of chocolate -- bars (including my favorite European ones), mint M and M's, etc.   Colsen announced we might have a "sugar problem" with all of that.  I told him not to worry.... I would likely take until Tuesday to finish it all.   (Pete was appalled.)

Then Pete gave me a giant gift -- a bike!  My first bike since I was 16!  I'm thrilled we'll be able to all take family bike rides now without any of us having to ride scooters.  (And I'll be able to work off some of the chocolate.)

After a little adventure I planned for the kids (that's another story),  I went to meet my grandmother, mother, and sisters for dinner.  Mor-Mor is visiting from New Jersey for a couple of weeks and she graciously offered to take us all out -- what a treat.   Even though I didn't get any of their Scandinavian good looks, I have been so blessed to have them go before me, encourage me, shape me, and pour into me.

Last night before bed, Strider gave me his gift --- this picture frame.
 I had to laugh, particularly at the top picture.   He said he wanted to include one with all 4 kids and this is the one he picked out:
I live with some interesting characters!

And I'm so thankful to be their mom.

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