Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day

The night before Father's Day this year, Pete and I hosted our first ever "idea party" - which was a lot of fun and made my head spin with all the profound and intriguing things people shared.   It was a little too much fun for me, though, because by the time Sunday rolled around, I was pretty tired.  I felt like Pete got a little bit of a bum deal from me (although he insists he had a great day and liked his presents).  Next year:  no idea party right before Father's Day!

The good news:  Dan and Amy invited us over to their house for the afternoon, so the dads were able to be celebrated in style.  Even though my dad wasn't in town, the rest of the Wrayvermans gathered as a tribute.  :)

And the dads did get to do a little of this:

... and a little of this:

Meanwhile, the cousins all enjoyed being together and creating adventures:

Afterwards we went to the pool and successfully kept all of the kids from drowning, and then we Franks came home for a final celebration with Carvel ice cream cake, as Pete had not-so-subtly hinted he wanted.

We're very thankful for our dads!

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