Sunday, June 30, 2013

Where Strider has been

I realized lately that Strider does not feature much in blog posts or Facebook updates... largely because he's not home much these days!  In the last couple of months he's had his prime sports-convergence time, with both baseball and swim team in full swing.  He also participated in some CrossFit workouts for awhile, so all in all, he's getting plenty of physical activity.

Once again I find myself grateful that he can ride his bike to all of his swim practices, and the baseball field was very close, for home games anyway.  Colsen has been playing soccer twice a week, too, so our family was a little consumed by sports this month!

So here are some shots of Strider in action:

His big accomplishments in baseball this year mostly had to do with his ability to steal bases, and in swimming he emerged as a strong backstroke-r.  But most of all, we have loved seeing him join teams full of strangers and get right into everything quickly.  He missed these seasons last year when we were in Moldova, so he had some catching up to do, but he gamely gave his all and made new friends at the same time.  We love our social team player!

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