Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 This animated little guy amuses us with his stark and transparent feelings;  he's not one to leave any thoughts unsaid.

For instance, a few mornings ago Pete and I were awakened to this lovely scene:

Miles, at the side of our bed, at full volume started yelling,

"I'm HUNGRY.  Make me breakfast!  Make it now!  I'm HUNNNN-GRY!  Make me breakfast!"

Slowly Pete and I started to come to, completely flabbergasted by what we were hearing.  Once we could assemble our thoughts enough to form sentences, we muttered something about how we were not going to be running down to make him breakfast right now.

Upon hearing this, Miles took his little show to the floor in the form of a tantrum, and started yelling,

"I don't love you because you're not making me happy!  Make me happy!  I'm not happy!  So I'm not going to love you.  I'm not going to love you all the way until I die.  Even in Heaven I'm not going to love you!"

All I could think about was how obvious human nature is in the form of a 4-year old.

Another time, when he was being much sweeter, he was hugging my neck hard and telling me he loved me (I guess I didn't have to wait all the way to Heaven for him to finally love me again after all!).

I told him I wanted to tell him a secret and then I whispered in his ear,

"I think you're the very best hugger of all the Franks."

Never one to miss an opportunity, he immediately turned his head to whisper in my ear,

"So are you going to take me out to get ice cream?"

This is also the boy who often tells me he loves me "so, so much," tells me I'm beautiful and the bestest mother ever, and says, "Hello, Dear" when he walks into the room.....  so we'll keep him.  :)

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