Saturday, July 20, 2013


The Timberlakes loaned us this book recently and we enjoyed reading the story with our kids.  Based on the DISC personality profiles, the characters are a lion, an otter, a golden retriever and a beaver.  Together these "four best friends" go on a quest for some keys, and each animal plays a "key" role in helping to find them.  As they go about the adventures, their individual personalities become clear.

About half-way through the story we stopped and asked the kids if they could tell which of them were like which animal.  Colsen immediately nailed it for all four of them:  Strider is the otter, Rayna is the beaver, Colsen is the golden retriever and Miles is the lion.

I get a kick out of realizing we have one of each type, and it's also been eye-opening as we realize what motivates each child.  I look at them all a little differently now.  And I hope they all continue to go on adventures together as friends, appreciating each other's special gifts and quirks.

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