Monday, October 14, 2013

On our anniversary trip


 I am sitting poolside, under a striped umbrella, drinking champagne for crying out loud, laptop on my lap, feeling a warm breeze and enjoying the palm trees all around me.  I think this is a blogging first for me!  Wish all my posts could be composed this way.  Wish all my Mondays could be spent this way!

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Pete and I have escaped to mostly sunny Hilton Head Island for a couple days, while Mom, Dad, Mor-Mor and Dan and Amy watch our kids.  (Yes, it takes a whole army to corral our young 'uns.)  As we drove down yesterday, after we finally stopped pointing out Mustangs and Corvettes because we realized there weren't actually any car-crazy boys in the back-seat, we found ourselves taking a lot of deep breaths and sighing happily.  

A couple of hours ago I remarked to Pete that I could not have dreamed up a better getaway.  We only had to drive a few hours -- no airplane stress involved -- and we arrived at a gorgeous resort in this beautiful community.  We are mere steps from the beautiful ocean with lovely soft sand, and have the place almost to ourselves.  Plus there are pitchers of fruit-infused water all over for us!  And free champagne and bikes!

We made it our goal to not use the car for the first 24 hours, and we achieved that goal easily.  Everywhere we've gone has been on foot or bikes -- I love that.  All 3 of our meals so far have been eaten outside -- I also love that.

This morning we biked a mile down on the beach to get a bagel and coffee/tea, then after lounging on the beach and swimming in the pool, we biked some more to the shops/restaurant area for lunch.  Now we're enjoying some more quiet time before we make our plan for dinner.  Seriously, could not plan a more perfect vacation.

Best of all, it's with my very best friend.  Once again I've been reminded of how perfect he is for me!

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