Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wingdingers, 2.0

Long, long ago in a fashion-world far, far away, there was this family making these things:

From left to right:  Me as a self-conscious teen-ager, Mom, Dad "the good sport" Wray, Karin, John, Grandpa, Katie, and Dan
My parents, in their infinite creativity and boldness, designed a family business for us to jump-start our college accounts.  We made these little wooden toys in our basement and living room, and then took them to some of our area's festivals to sell.  We always sold out.

So this year, in my infinite ability to copy and re-create, I declared that our family would revive this business.  We have been busily designing and building the little spinners in our living room and garage, almost finished now with the 300 we set out to make.  Every family member has been able to make them, so it's become a fun little family project each night.

This weekend will be our debut at our neighborhood's Fall Festival.  (We're reallllly praying it doesn't rain because this is our sole attempt!)

For anyone who doesn't know what a Wingdinger is, we made this (terrible quality) video to try and demonstrate what they do.
(Strider was too cool old to participate in this video)

We plan to sell them for $3 or $4, depending on their designs.  And we can also customize -- like this!

(Especially useful for families who have children with "weird" names,
like, say, Strider, or Colsen, or...)

 So, if anyone is looking for some fun stocking-stuffers (only 67 days until Christmas!), or a way to keep your kids occupied and mesmerized for hours, come by our booth and buy some Wingdingers (or "Wing-thingahs" as Milo calls them)!

We'll be donating 20% of the proceeds to an adoption/orphan care organization, and the rest will go towards jump-starting our kids' college accounts.  :)

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