Monday, October 7, 2013

When Rayna chimes in

Besides being our little mother hen and chief helper, Rayna also adds to our family in some humorous ways.  Usually the boys are the ones bantering things and getting louder and louder, but every once in awhile she adds her viewpoint.  Sometime she is trying to be funny and sometimes she is when she's not trying to be.

For example, this morning as we were driving along, the boys were all announcing,

"There's a Mustang convertible!"
"There's a Mini Cooper!"
"There's a Tee-ota Camera-y"

... and Rayna tried to join in by yelling,

"There's an Alice Cooper!"

Another time recently our family conversation evolved into a discussion about what the kids wanted to do when they grew up, primarily focused on travel.  Strider said he wants to go to the Bahamas and Bermuda and other beaches, Miles said he wants to go to Moldova and Spain and Madagascar, and Colsen said he is going to go to South America and Africa and Europe and Australia.

Rayna had been quietly eating her dinner, so I asked her, "What do YOU want to do when you grow up?"

Her immediate response was, "I want to stay home and watch TV and eat special treats!"

Ok, then.

(After a few more minutes of thinking about it, though, she also said she wanted to go to some other places, namely Moldova and Haiti, so maybe she'll end up tagging along on her brothers' adventuring after all.)

Abroad or at home, spotting a Mini Cooper or an Alice Cooper, we love our girl!

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