Thursday, November 14, 2013

Another reason it's nice living with Rayna

"Dear Mommy I love you. I love you because I love you very much."
Several times a week Rayna likes to scrawl out notes to various members of the family.  Sometimes they say something specific and relevant to that day, but they always include a sentence about how much she loves the recipient.

This note (on the back of some scrap paper) that I got a few days ago made me chuckle.  Clearly she was in a hurry (or distracted) when she wrote it, but the message is still just about right.    All I could think is this is how Jesus' love notes to us would be:  "I love you because I love you very much."  He doesn't love me because I look good or act good or do good... it's just because He loves us.

I love having a daughter who loves in the same way.

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