Thursday, November 14, 2013

Family Circus Moments

We've had many moments like this.  Good think Rayna's around to help me handle the chaos!

Sometimes I wish I could draw, so I could accompany these quotes with a picture.  But I can't.  So here are our real-life Family Circus moments, sans pictures.

Miles’ Mama’s Mortifiying Moment of the Week:  

As Miles walked into his violin lesson, he launched into a poem that he recently learned.  When his teacher couldn’t understand what his squeaky little voice was saying, he announced, “I think you’re old.  You need hearing aids.”

How I was awakened one morning:

A little boy wriggled into my bed and said, “I’m cold – and wild! When are YOU going to be wild, Mommy?”

“Mmmmmm…. Maybe later,” I said.
“No, you’re never going to be wild,” he said. “You’re a mommy and mommies are nice.”


A  recent question from Strider:

“Mom, you know how they say that if life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade?  Well, what if life doesn’t give you water and sugar?”

Comment from Colsen today:

"Mom, did you know that you weigh more pounds than the number of years the oldest man in the world just lived?"


Overheard conversation:

Colsen:  "I have to put this $25 check from my birthday in the bank for college??  I don't want to do that!"

Strider:  "Yeah, Colsen but every time you put in $25, you can think 'I'll get to spend another 10 minutes in college!'"


And we've had many moments like this

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