Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall sports

Almost every weekend for the last couple of months we've had a 24-hour period that included a dance practice, a baseball practice, a soccer game, another soccer game, and a baseball game.   We're glad the seasons are short because this is not a schedule we would normally like to maintain!  Thankfully, the soccer games were right in our neighborhood, so we could just keep riding bikes back and forth between them.

Here is what the boys* have been up to:

Strider's annoyed by my picture-taking

One Saturday, the Wray family cheering squad came out:

I love this picture of "birthday buddies" Mor-Mor and Miles

Strider's baseball team ended the season undefeated, so that was a lot of fun for him.  And we saw him improve a lot from last season, so that was fun for us, too.

Colsen and Miles both loved their soccer experiences -- especially getting their awards at the end of the season.  :)

(Side note:  While they were waiting for the ceremony to start, Miles' coach asked him what he had been for Halloween.  Miles told him he was an economist.  The coach wasn't quite sure he heard right, so he asked him what an economist is.  Miles said, "It's a man who's always wrong.")

It was a good season for all of them!

*Rayna has been practicing her dances each week, but won't perform until December, so we'll have to wait until then for pictures of her.

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