Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spontaneous Zoo Trip

This morning as Rayna, Colsen, Miles and I were sitting down to start our normal school day, I asked the kids if they wouldn't rather GO somewhere.  Of course they all said yes.  So I said, "Well, then, let's go to the ZOO!"  I wish I had videoed their responses.  Needless to say, they were gleeful!

So we jumped in the van and headed out.  As we were driving I asked Colsen if this was a good birthday gift (his birthday is tomorrow).  He answered, "This is a PERFECT birthday gift!  Because it's not even on my birthday!"

And it was a fun day.

Colsen introduced his brother to the giraffes... and the gorillas...

 Miles kept asking me to take his picture with the pretend animals:

In the afternoon we headed across the bridge and took a tram ride to the botanical gardens.

This is always my favorite part.  :)

I'm pretty sure they were daring each other to jump in.
 On the way home, we talked about how we'd seen a lot about God today.  Miles said He was powerful since He made animals that roar and are strong.  Rayna and Colsen both said He was creative because he made so many different kinds of plants and animals. And we all agreed that He must have a good sense of humor to create things like this crazy plant, and baboons with pink butts!

My favorite part of the day was hearing how grateful the kids were on the long car ride home.  All of them kept thanking me and telling me what a fun adventure it had been.  Then, when I took them for ice cream, Colsen said, "This is just like vacation after vacation!!"

Strider wasn't able to join us since he was in classes all day, so I'll just post a picture of him from the first time we went to this zoo:
Weren't they so cute??

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