Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Colsen is 7

This sweet boy is now a big 7 years old!
 Colsen's birthday, while rather simple, was a big hit.  Half-way through the day he proclaimed it was his best birthday ever!

Since it's an "odd" year, he was not able to have a birthday party with friends, so we celebrated at home.  After doing a little school work this morning (just a litttttle), we hopped on our bikes and rode down to the new bakery in the neighborhood where he was allowed to pick out something for our lunch.  He (wisely) chose a loaf of cinnamon bread.

Together with a yogurt "parfait" (blueberries and chia seeds with a little coconut sprinkled on top) and some veggies, it made a perfect lunch!
 In the afternoon, he enjoyed his art class - -particularly because they were working with clay ("REAL clay like pottery people use!  And they're going to put it in a kiln and fire it!") and he got all dirty.  :)
When we all got back home, the boys and Daddy had a great time out playing with Cole's new presents.  From his sister he got a motorized flying bird ("which combines two of my favorite things:  flying things and birds!") and from his brother he got a chargeable airplane that loops around and even flew over the roof of our house a few times!

 And the cake was a big hit, too....
 .... It was supposed to look like a soccer ball, but then I wrote words on the top and it became a big ol' jumble.  At least the inside looked cool.  :)

We're so thankful for our boy with a compassionate heart.  Even today he was all concerned about others.... For example, when he heard that Miles wanted to blow out candles tonight, too, Cole asked for 8 candles on his cake:  7 for him to blow out, and 1 for Miles.  We love how he loves his siblings!

And we also love his insights about God.  We've seen him praying about all kinds of things lately, and his comment this past week about how he thinks Jesus would dress up on Halloween as a big heart (a perfect, no-smudges heart) made us all think deeper and be grateful.

Can't wait to see what else God does in his life!

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