Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Year of the Winter Storm -- for real!

See the cardinal? 

So it turns out we got real snow dayS here in NC!  Three of them in a row!  With snow falling each day!  And actually a good amount of accumulation!

We have been feeling sorry for our friends and family up north, some of whom have seen +/- 100 inches of snow thus far.  And now that we've seen +/- 8 inches this week, we feel like we can empathize even more.

Day 1 of the Big Snow Event found the kids running outside to sled across the street, and Rayna spending lots of time trying to assemble her perfect outdoor attire.

Day 2 brought more snow and more crazy activities:

By Day 3 even some of the adults wanted to get out and play.  Our next-door neighbors Jo and Wayne kept the kids occupied for hours!

Rayna and Miles are on the sled being pulled

Strider and Colsen being pulled

It's actually been a fun 3 days... nowhere to go, nothing major to do (although we've gotten in a good amount of school time).  But hopefully we'll be able to dig out by tomorrow!

(And we hope we don't lose power tonight when everything re-freezes....!)

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