Sunday, February 2, 2014

Strider's Second Annual Super Bowl Party

I was sorely tempted to call this post "Strider's Second Annual Superbowl Soiree" simply for the alliteration....but that sounds too fancy for what it is.  It's a plain and simple party.

And it's still going on as I type this.  I've decided to retreat to the home office while the living room looks like this:
Boys, boys, and boys... sitting still for the picture.  This is not their norm.
Rayna wisely chose to go next-door where Wayne and Jo-Ellen were hosting another party.  That one was more balanced gender-wise, and had a lot of good food.  (So various members of our family also traipsed over for "drive-by" visits, too!)

Even though we had some food at our house...

.... the boys are bigger and hungrier than they were last year, so we got pretty cleaned out by half-time!  (There are some lonely celery sticks still out, and a pan of nachos that is not being touched "because it has avocado on it"... so no one is starving.)

The boys here played a couple indoor games...

.... but their favorite game to play was this, of course:

Miles and Colsen thinks it's pretty cool that the big boys are here.  (See Miles in the pic above and Colsen in the ones below)
We have a new football fan in the house
The actual game is pretty lame this year, but the boys are having fun anyway... probably mostly because they get to stay up late!  Party on!

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