Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day 2014

I guess we couldn't ask for better January weather:  on Monday it was in the 60's and then yesterday it snowed.  Plus we had all the excitement and build-up of the forecasters portending the BIG snow storm ALL day.... When the first few flakes finally flew at dinner time yesterday, cheers erupted everywhere.

Predictably, schools were closed, so Poplar Streams Academy called a 2-hour delay to allow for some neighborly play time.  :)  Clearly the snow was REALLY deep -- almost as much as we had in Moldova!

Strider insisted that this is his snow garb.
 The coziness of the house was magnified by the cold.  When Miles came in his big brother kindly made him a very warm fort.

 Special hot chocolate rounded out the fun.... And then the whole family cleaned the whole house.  For one of the few times I can ever remember, Wingate University actually closed today.  The kids and I all cheered at the news, and I'm sure Pete inwardly groaned.  The good news was he was here to be a Cleaning Team Captain.

Then dinner was capped off with this conversation, as we were discussing the genealogy of Jesus:

Me:  So what do you think about the fact that the only 5 women mentioned in the list of Jesus’ ancestors are all connected to scandals?
Kids, collectively:  I don’t know
Me:  C’mon, seriously, what do you think it means?
Strider:  We should all be criminals because Jesus likes criminals.  Oh – and you know what’s weird?  The Seahawks and the Broncos are both coming from states that legalized pot!
Me:  Strider!  Focus!
Then Miles starts making inappropriate noises with his mouth, and the conversation disintegrates from there.


Overall, it was a nice, cozy family day.  :)

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