Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spa Day

Over the break, Strider decided he really wanted to attend a concert -- but found that he was broke.  We encouraged him to do some work to earn the money.... but, the rather full piggy-banks of his siblings attracted him instead.  He proposed to each of them that they could pay him to be his servant for a few hours, and he would pamper them and wait on them, in exchange for payment.

As our other kids have very few opportunities to go shopping and spend their money, they were actually quite amenable to Strider's proposal, so for the rest of the day it looked a lot like a spa around here.  People walking around in bathrobes, people getting neck massages.... and being served beverages like this while they were playing.

 The pampered ones, once their sessions were over, soon found that it was fun to be the servants, too.  Here Colsen is giving Rayna "a shampoo-- then a hot, steamed towel!"

It was a funny day to be sure... and the best part was I scored a few hand massages and neck massages for free.

Oh -- and Strider ended up making the $10 he needed by the end of the day.

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