Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mom is right (sometimes)

Over the years Strider has had many occasions to sheepishly admit, "Mom was right.  I was wrong."  He may try to deny it when he reads this, but we'll both know it's true.  To make sure he doesn't forget, I often make him say the words aloud.

 For instance, there have been more times than I can count when I will sign him up for a particular class/group/sport and he'll protest vehemently ahead of time that he will detest this new activity and he can't believe I'm even making him try it.

An hour after I drop him off, I will inevitably get to hear those wonderful words:  "Mom was right.  I was wrong."

So when Colsen started nagging me all last week about how much he did NOT want to go to the library to read to a therapy dog after I had signed him up to do so, I knew this was just the beginning of this lovely phase with him.

Before we went he insisted it would be embarrassing and awful, and he tried all kinds of arguments to get out of actually going.  But go we did, and within 30 seconds, he was happily reading to the dog -- of course!

 On the way home in the car, I rejoiced to hear my second son repeat the words, "Mom was right.  I was wrong."

Rayna, meanwhile, was excited before she went to read to a dog, and was excited while she was reading to the dog, and was excited after she read to the dog.  Of course!  I love having my compliant, enthusiastic girl in the midst of all these dubious boys!

We're signed up to do it again next month.

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