Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When Colsen grows up...

So is 7 the age when most kids start seriously contemplating their futures?  It sure has been for Colsen.  Several times a week we hear the phrase, "When I grow up, I ____"

This week I decided to start jotting down some of the things he's said.  Here's a few of them:

"When I grow up...
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...I want to be a mechanical engineer and a scientist. And work at a restaurant, and a gas station."

...I want to travel to all 50 states to taste pizza and then see which one is best.  (I’ll take my kids with me.)"

...I'm going to earn $35 and then take it all to a store to buy gum – all different kinds."

.... I'm going to start a car company.

.... I want to be an archaeologist.

... I'm going to take my kids to a different country every year.

...I'm going to start a gum factory and make all kinds, like pumpkin-pie gum and cinnamon-toast gum, but especially healthy ones like Mint-Alfalfa."

...I'm going to -- this will just be a hobby because I probably won't make a penny at it -- but I want to have a half-priced bakery for all the poor people.  They should still get to have good food even if they're poor!"

...I'm going to study zoology.  There are a lot of jobs for that, right?"

And my favorite one of the week:

"When I grow up, I want to love God like I mean it."

Meanwhile, Miles is starting to pick up on this theme.  This morning he told me, "I used to want to be a police when I grow up, but now I want to be a radio man (DJ)."

Can't wait to see which things come true!

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