Sunday, February 9, 2014

Turning 5!

Miles has declared that today was his best birthday ever --- "even better than last year when I had a party!"

First, he was verrrrrry excited to have a donut for his birthday breakfast.  And the experience lived up to all the anticipation.

Then, after church, came the major highlights of the day.

Our family custom when each of the kids turns 5 is to take them to Build-A-Bear.  FINALLY it was Milo's turn!  In the past each of the kids were allowed to bring one friend/cousin, and Miles this year chose to take his great-grandmother because she shares his birthday!   And she was a very good sport and agreed to come along.  Nonna and Poppa were game, too, so it was a whole party!

Miles' siblings all enjoyed coming along, too.  None of them had been back since their respective fifth birthdays, so they enjoyed being reminded of it all.

Strider thought the bear underwear was funny, of course

The whole group, minus Poppa
 Then we headed out to a park, where the Clarks joined us for birthday cake and frolicking.
The birthday buddies:  "M" for Miles and Mor-Mor!

After we got home, Miles opened a couple more presents...
 ...., and his new bear, Teddy Russell, joined the other Frank bears:  Zeke, Ishi-Lana, and Teddy Franklin Vee!
Zeke and Teddy Franklin Vee have lost their pants over the years.... not too unlike their owners.

It was a good 5th birthday, indeed.

All day it was a little sad to think about my baby turning 5!  I consoled myself with realizing that now all the kids' ages are prime numbers, and this will only be the case for 8 months of their whole lives.

As I was hanging streamers last night, I calculated how many kids' birthdays we'll have celebrated by the time Miles graduates -- the total is 72.  Then I calculated how many we've already had and discovered that we're exactly half-way -- this was #36!  That seems weird, and sad.  Things are going fast!

But for today I'll follow Milo's example, who was so excited and thrilled and thankful all day.
It is a good day.

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  1. What cracked me up the most about this was that MATH CONSOLED YOU!! :) You are amazing.