Sunday, October 19, 2014

Conversation about Jo-Jo

I've been hearing the younger two play the same game a lot lately... one in which a character named Jo-Jo is the central figure.  I finally asked them to sit down and explain to me once and for all who Jo-Jo was:

Me: Who is Jo-Jo?

Colsen: He's a weird boy.  It's a sad story.  I never have time to teach him, so he's just weird.

Miles: He's, like, weird.  He goes like this, "HI MAAA--MEE"

Me: Are you Jo-Jo, Miles?

Miles: Yeah.

Me: Why do you like to be Jo-Jo?

Miles: Because it's just funny.  I like to make Colsen laugh.

Colsen: Miles likes it, so I play it with him.

Me: Why don't you like it?

Colsen: Because Miles gets to make all the fun noises, but I'm the mom.

Me: What does the mom have to do?

Colsen: She just has to clean up after him.

Miles: Strider's the dad.  He says stuff like, "It's ok, Jo-Jo."

Me:  You guys sure sound like you're having fun when you play this game.

Miles:  Mom, if I act weird all the way until I'm like 10, will I grow up to be a weird man?

Me:  No -- why do you think that?

Miles:  Colsen told me that.

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