Sunday, October 12, 2014

Off for a wilderness adventure

A chain of brothers-in-law (Pete, his brother-in-law Dan, Dan’s brother-in-law Ben, and Ben’s brother-in-law Evan), along with their 11 boys, all set out on a canoe trip today on the inter-coastal waterway.  The plan was to drive 4 hours to the coast, then canoe 12 miles out to an uninhabited island.  It took them 12 hours, but they’re finally at their destination.  This was some of the crew launching out Friday afternoon…

I haven't heard much from them since they hit the island, but we have gotten a couple of pics so we know they're still alive.

Our family has just finished reading "Sign of the Beaver," "The Cabin Faced West," and "Pocahontas and the Strangers," so I'm assuming Colsen and Miles are having a blast acting like Indians with their canoes and no civilization.  For the week before they left they mostly kept talking and giggling about how they were going to have to dig holes outside to go to the bathroom.  They could not wait to do that!

Rayna and I wisely stayed home (well, we weren't actually invited anyway), and we have been having fun on our own.  Last night she went to stay with her cousins while all of the wives/moms of the wilderness crew went out to eat -- nicely civilized.

Looking forward to hearing the stories when our menfolk return!

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