Friday, October 31, 2014

One little, two little.... well, two little Indians

My backyard has been taken over by the natives.... trying to pretend they are Native Americans.

I was given a tour of some of their setup yesterday.

Here is their house:

They've planted a little garden, complete with wild onions, and they water it with a shell they dipped in a bucket of dirty water.  (They also drank this water apparently, which gave me nightmares afterward.)

This is the "knife-sharpening" station.  They make sharp rocks by rubbing them against this big rock.

They also have traps and snares and makeshift bows and arrows, and other various inventions.

I'm glad they're having fun, inventing new things every day -- usually with their "utility rope."  But I felt like maybe they crossed a line I wasn't fond of when they used their utility ropes to make "leaf belts" and I looked outside to find them like this:

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