Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Sports Wrap-Up

Colsen had his final soccer game on Team Brazil this past Saturday, and it was an intense one.  They were playing for the championship, and in the very last minute the Netherlands scored a goal to tie it all up.  So that is how the game ended -- a tie.

He had a great season, making new friends, and, in my opinion, turning into a true soccer player.  It was fun watching him hustle all over the field, scoring goals and making good plays with his teammates.

Strider also had his final game this past week, so his first football season is now in the books.  I was rather unsure how I felt about the whole thing.... reminding him before each and every game and practice to please NOT get a concussion was getting a little wearying for us all.

 But at the season-end picnic for the boys and their families, I was swayed to the pro-football-team side as I saw all the camaraderie and caring for one another among the boys.  As each one had his name called to go up front, the other boys would all cheer and holler for him, slap him on the back, etc.  Then during the highlight video, when Strider's big interception play of the season came on, the boys all started chanting, "Str-ider, Stri-der," and I could see why he loved the experience so much.  :)

Plus, it was fun watching them all play a spirited game of pick-up football before we ate.  They sure are passionate about the sport!

Nevertheless, it will be nice to have our evenings back again.

Meanwhile, Rayna is continuing on with her jazz dance class, and Miles, well, Miles is exercising all his muscles by just trying to boss us all around.

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