Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This boy

Colsen has just a couple weeks left as a 7-year-old, and what a great age it has been for him.  I have loved seeing his multi-faceted personality develop and his multiple interests grow.  Pretty much daily he still says things like, "I think I want to be a woodsmith when I grow up."  Or "Do you think I'd be a good naturalist someday?" Or "Maybe I'll be a poet or an book-writer."

Every day finds him in the yard making something new -- wigwams, skateboards, fire huts, etc.  A couple weeks ago I found a balled up bunch of leaves next to our couch and when I tried to throw them away, he said, "Wait -- those are my moccasins!"

For his birthday ALL he wants is a KNIFE.  It's very important.

But with all his strength and toughness and bravery, he has also been given a gentle and protective heart.  He looks out for his little brother, and even his big sister, with caring intensity, and never wants any creature to suffer.

Most nights after he goes to bed I find him like this:

He explained to me that he sleeps with both his teddy bear AND Miles' because Miles usually just leaves his on the floor and he doesn't want the bear to be left alone.

Ah, my heart.

So glad this family has been given this boy.

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