Monday, May 11, 2015

School Daze: Extracurriculars

This past Saturday, here was our schedule:

Football tournament (Strider) in Weddington (two trips)
Violin concert in Wingate
Ladies tea (Rayna) in Concord
Soccer games (Colsen and Miles) in Lake Park
Horseback riding (Colsen) in Matthews

By the end of the day I realized we had turned into one of those families who I always thought was crazy.  Way too much driving all over the county, and way exhausting!

Most of the year has not been that busy for us, but somehow the past few months have had a large number of extracurriculars. On Monday we've had violin, Tuesdays is co-op and Strider had golf team practice, Wednesdays is gymnastics and Speech and Debate Club, Thursdays is Rayna's dance class and Strider's golf practice, and Saturdays are soccer, football and/or baseball reffing, and horseback riding.  

Soon everything will slow way down.  Can't wait for that!

(Miles is #6 above)

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