Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weirdest Mother's Day dessert ever?

A few weeks ago Mor-Mor told me about a dessert her mother used to make (circa 1930's?) which only had one ingredient, and she suggested I make it for my kids.  She told me to buy a can of sweetened condensed milk and then put it, unopened, in a pot of boiling water.... for 3 hours!  Then, cool it, open it and serve it, she said.  Her mother used to serve it in fancy little tiny glass dishes, with a little whipped cream and nuts sprinkled on top.

Fascinated by this possibility, I looked it up online, and sure enough it's a real thing!  So we tried it, and I brought a can of it to our fancy annual mother-grandmother-great-grandmother-sister lunch.  The milk caramelized in all that cooking time, and it came out very rich, thick, and delicious!

Our server probably thought my request for a small dish of whipped cream was bizarre, but he probably already had serious questions about our group before that anyway.  Everyone had a little spoonful of the dessert.  Strange but tasty!

Meanwhile my kids were thoroughly enjoying the second can that I had left at home for them.  :)  The most interesting caramel pudding ever!

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