Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 7

So we're on day 7 of Pete being gone, and I thought I was doing alright.... until I heard the doorbell rang, went to the door and found this:
I chuckled at Rayna's little costume --she called herself Mr. Shorty. And then I noticed what was in the background... both of the little boys (who I thought were inside) outside in their underwear, with no shoes. (Miles, in the far background is on the sidewalk by the road.)

And less than 30 seconds later, they were here... down the street (the little blobs way in the distance)
At least Miles was carrying his shoe... he knew he needed footwear to be outside!
I think I'm losing all control here...


  1. that is so funny! Hope Pete returns soon.

  2. Kathy, they were almost ready to knock on the door of your old house!