Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day

I love May Day!

This year was particularly fun. One of the highlights was arriving at Strider's baseball game and finding that he had a full cheering section there. Between last week and this week, all 14 of the Charlotte-area relatives have come to his game to encourage him. He's very blessed... and he was pretty nervous, too! It was a lot of pressure to have so many eyes on him -- especially as he was the primary pitcher of yesterday's game.
In between innings he came to talk to some of his cousin-fans...
... and signed some autographs (not really):
In the end, the pressure didn't prove to be too much of a problem - he was the "Big League Chew Player of the Game."
Later in the afternoon, we went out to our church picnic. It was held on the piece of property that we have purchased to build on eventually. Some of the men in the church had spent a lot of time clearing it out so we could have space to play and eat on. They had also mapped out, with balloons, where the future building will go. It was very fun -- a great time of community!
The kids played some games... here's Strider playing Jump the Creek (in the red shirt)and Rayna playing Duck, Duck, Goose (in a yellow shirt)

And then last night we left the kiddos with a sitter (yay!) and went out with my siblings and parents to celebrate Karin's birthday. It was a perfect, relaxing night after a very busy day.
Oh -- and we also managed to fit in some of our May Day traditions a few times during the day.... The kids (and I) love it!

(Strider took this picture as he, Rayna, and Colsen stealthily left these at someone's doorstep...)

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