Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Conversations with Colsen

When Colsen is not talking about mowers, blowers, tillers, trimmers, flippers, loppers, and weed-eaters, here are some of the other things he's been saying...

Colsen: Mommy, how does God move the moon?
Me: Mmmmmm.... not sure, honey.
Colsen: I think he uses a remote control.

(On the same walk, a few minutes later...)

Colsen: Is that a honeybee?
Me: Yes, I think it is.
Colsen: No, it's not. It's a peanut-butter-bee.

Upon being told we were headed out to Wingate to spend some time with Daddy and his students...

"We're going to see Daddy? That's good because he has the same job as me. Yeah, I teach college students. I teach them how to write the number 'C'."

Colsen: Um, Mommy?
Me: Cole, I love it when you call me 'Mommy."
Colsen: I usually call you "Clare."

[Usually as in Never. I've never even heard him say that name before.]

What a nut!


  1. We don't know where he gets his material from, but he is quite the comedian.

  2. That kid is too funny! HOpe all is well with you, Claire, and the rest of the family. Ha, just wanted to call you 'Claire'. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. He's a trip! My favorite is how he said he teaches college students to write the number "c." :-)

  4. i heart colsen's conversations!

  5. Amy, this is so sweet. I hope one day I get to meet this funny boy- I was laughing out loud as I read this!

  6. Thanks, everyone!
    And Catharine, I hope you get to meet him, too! Soon?

  7. hilarious! i always love reading your posts on colsenism's. that little guy words always make me and the rest of the fam laugh!