Friday, May 21, 2010

We'll see how this goes tomorrow...

Rayna and Colsen have the special honor and exciting adventure of being in our friends' (Ryan and Leyila) wedding tomorrow -- Rayna will be the the flower girl and Colsen the ring-bearer. We've been looking forward to the big occasion for months now.

I have to say, though, I'm a little apprehensive of what exactly Colsen will do. Rayna is a veteran now, and is thrilled to wear a beautiful dress and play a role in the big day. Colsen, on the other hand.... well, for one thing, when I had him try on his suit to see if it fit this week, THIS is what he did:

In typical male fashion, he went on and on about how his neck was "TOO TIGHT!" I hope we can wrestle (bribe) him back into the outfit tomorrow.

This evening we had the rehearsal. Rayna followed the instructions quite well and loved having her pretty basket to carry. Colsen first had a fit about how he didn't "know everybody" and needed an adult to stay with him for every step of the way. Eventually he calmed down, but I can't say his performance was stellar...
(notice the football hold)

He mostly did a lot of this:
... and this....
....and this!
So we'll see how it goes tomorrow....

But as our friend Sandy (the wedding coordinator) assured us, regardless of what Colsen does or does not do, Ryan and Leyila will be just as married! So that's something to celebrate. :)


  1. great photos of cole, amy~ I had to bribe steve and tar down at my brother in laws wedding with candy on the other end if they did it!! it worked for them anyways.

  2. Is it bad that I want to be there just so I can see what Colson does? You know it's going to be something funny! Hope it goes well.